Fellowship Baptist Church of Coney Island was started from a preaching point in the fall of 1980. There was evangelism and discipleship during the week and then we would have church services in a Spanish church mid-afternoon on the Lord's Day on W15th Street on a rental basis. In early 1982, the Conservative Baptist Home Missions Society (now Missions Door) provided enough money to purchase essentially a shell at 2929 W20th Street by early 1982. From 1980 to 2011 Fellowship Baptist Church operated under Missions Door. Fellowship was characterized as a congregation that reached out to the down and out. We fed and clothed the homeless, gave people referrals to Tier 2 housing, and continued evangelism and discipleship.

In 1982 our first pastor, Marvin Robinson, was called by Missions Door. Marvin was quite adept in attracting children and there were many activities for them such as camp and the fresh air fund. During the summer of 1982 reconstruction of the church building began. Finally, by the beginning of 1983, services were held at 2929 W 20th Street led by Pastor Marvin Robinson.

In 1997 Steve Hoy joined the ministerial team as the assistant pastor. Steve distinguished himself in building the congregation and especially its leadership. When Pastor Marvin Robinson left Fellowship Baptist Church in Sept 2001 to start up a new work in Rochester, NY, Steve Hoy became Senior Pastor. Three elders served under him - James Williams, Ron Deere, and Nick Talley. Pastor Hoy discipled these men to effectively be an elder board. January 2002 there was a fire in the building next door to Fellowship. Our building incurred damage to our roof. Thankfully, the Lord raised the requisite $40 thousand necessary to complete the reconstruction. In September 2005 Pastor Steve Hoy retired and moved to Denver, Colorado.

From 2005 to 2010 the Elder Board led by head elder, James Williams, conducted the weekly services. On July 15, 2010, sadly, Elder Nick Talley passed out of this life and unto his eternal reward. In 2013 Elder James Williams retired from the Elder Board and now spends time with his wife, Martha, traveling between New York and North Carolina. Elder Ron Deere stepped down from the Elder Board in 2013 when the Lord called him and his wife, Cynthia, to join the Missions Team at Gospel For Asia in Texas. 

In February 2006, Robert Rubino and his family joined Fellowship Baptist Church. He is seminary trained and has a real vision for ministry at Fellowship. Robert was voted in to the Elder Board in 2008. Robert Rubino was installed as Senior Pastor on February 21, 2010. He is preparing the congregation to live authentic Christian lives and for the persecution that is coming.

There was quite a celebration on September 2010, when Fellowship celebrated our 30th year of Ministry in Coney Island.

During our 2011 annual meeting, we voted in our newest elder, Angel Vega. On February 7, 2011, we at last obtained our Certificate of Occupancy from the City. This Certificate enabled us to finally be an independent congregation in October 2011.

In October 2012 Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast causing severe damage to the community of Coney Island. We sustained damage to our roof, sanctuary, basement, heating and electricity. Although our weekly ministries were shut down we were not out. We continued our Sunday Service under those conditions. We also went in to Hurricane Sandy Relief Mode. We ministered and distributed donations of food, water, clothes, and toiletries on a daily basis to the community. By God’s grace donations were coming in from all over the country. We did not have the means to repair the damage to the building caused by the hurricane. In an answer to prayer, the Lord put Calvary Baptist Church, NYC and Calvary Relief Ministries, Sarasota Florida, in our path. Calvary Baptist Church funded the repairs to our building and Calvary Relief Ministries provided the labor to complete the work. The repairs were completed by January 2013. All weekly ministries were up and running by February 2013. By God's grace, the Lord’s work continues at Fellowship Baptist Church…

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