Elder Angel Vega;
During our 2011 annual meeting, we voted in our newest elder, Angel Vega. Angel, who is married and has a daughter, has been serving the Lord since he was 14 years old when his grandfather, Miguel Osorio, who lived in Puerto Rico to the age of 94, gave him his first Bible and introduced him to the Lord. Angel has been spending lots of time getting to know and be of service to the church and its community in our Homeless Ministry. Angel also helps run the day-to-day administration of Fellowship Baptist Church.

  Pastor Robert Rubino:

Pastor Robert Rubino of Fellowship Baptist Church of Coney Island was born in Grave's End, Brooklyn, NY. Robert came to be known as "the preacher" by his peers in Lafayette High School. He attended Brooklyn College majoring in education but later he became a nutritionist in Manhattan in order to help people.  He began to counsel people and was convicted that he could help them live healthier lives, but their souls were still at risk. He met his wife Ana at a restaurant. They both had prayed to find a Godly spouse and knew shortly that God meant them for each other. They were married in 1998 and now they have 3 sons and 4 daughters. They attended Messiah Congregation in Brooklyn, NY.  Messiah directed him to Bahnse's Seminary. Robert was interested in how Christ healed people. He went to several healing ministries in order to learn from them. He quickly realized the "New Age" was behind most of these ministries. He began to challenge New Agers with the Word of God. Robert decided to attend Bahnse's Seminary. In Messiah Congregation, Robert and Ana really began to grow in their faith and began to counsel people. In 2006 he was looking to pastor a congregation and found an erroneous advertisement for pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church in Coney Island. Robert and Ana began to attend Fellowship knowing in their hearts that the Lord had called them here. After two years of faithful attendance at Fellowship, Robert was asked to become an elder. In February 2010 he became Senior Pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church. He is preparing the congregation to live authentic Christian lives and for the persecution that is coming. He has a lot of great ideas for ministry in our neighborhood. All this and Robert turned only 39 in January 2012. You can hear Pastor Rubino preach by clicking this link:

James Williams was a native of North Carolina and moved to New York in the late 1950s. He met his wife Martha in 1961 and they were married in 1963. God has blessed them with two sons. James & Martha have 3 grandsons. James served in the U.S. Army from 1966 to 68. He took courses in Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn in 1977. James worked for the New York City Department of Sanitation from 1970 to 1991 when he retired. In September 1994 they visited Fellowship Baptist Church. James wanted to help with the Homeless Ministry. He helped with the cleaning of the church building and the setting up of the tables. There he met Deacon Hunter and started to attend Bible study. As he began to read and study God's Word, he was awakened spiritually and came to realize his need of a Saviour and submitted his heart and life to Jesus Christ by faith.  He has continued to grow in the knowledge and the grace of God. In 2005, he was chosen by Pastor Steve to be a member and head of the Elders Board. In 2013 Elder James Williams retired from the Elder Board and now spends time with his wife, Martha, traveling between New York and North Carolina.

Our Elders
In the late 1980s during the summer, Fellowship Baptist Church's service was over and we were fellowshipping on the sidewalk. A fellow named Nick Talley (pictured on the right) crossed the street, walked right up to Ron Deere and asked, "What must I do to be saved?" [Act 16:31]. From that beginning, Nick has faithfully followed Christ and made Him known. In 2005 he was appointed to be elder over Fellowship.  Sadly, he passed out of this life on July 15, 2010 and onto his eternal reward. We dearly miss him.
Pictured from left to right:
Pastor Robert Rubino, Elder Angel Vega